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All I Go Wa Word

When I was young and fancy free
My folks had no fine clothes for me
All I got was words:
Gott tzu danken
Gott vet geben
Zoll men nor leben und zein gezunt.  

When I was wont to travel far
They couldn't provide me with a car
All I got was words:
Geh Gezundt
Geh Pamelech
Kum ahaim gezundt.  

I wanted to increase my knowledge
But they couldn't send me to an Ivy League College
All I got was words:
Hob Sechel
Zei nit kein nar
Toira iz die bestee schoira.  

The years have flown; the world has turned
The things I have forgotten; things I have learned;
Yet I remember
Zog dem emess; gib tzedokah:
Hob rachmonis; zei a mentch.  

Posted on February 6, 2006
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