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Darfour p:/
By Herman Taube

I am so disgusted by the daily news,
reading about the killings in Darfour
excruciating pain snaps inside me,
the flood of anger wants me to scream,
I am so ashamed of our world leaders,
silent onlookers to a great calamity.  

I am dreaming the Holocaust is back,
innocent human lives are shattered,
begging in anguish for protection.
Their screams in anguish for relief
fall on deaf ears, no one hears the
cry of the children and raped women.  

Monday night there was a meeting at
the United States Holocaust Museum,
with a display of photos of  Darfour,
with speeches about human torture,
Political leaders nowhere to be seen,
a mere two hundred people attending.  

Only blocks away thousands of people
waiting in line to see a klutzy comedy,
making fun of Kazakhstan and America.
No one cares about the people of Darfour,
While America is enjoying the comedy,
the beasts of Darfour plan a new round of rape and murder.

Posted on November 30, 2006
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