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Finaliy p:
Reflections at the Funeral of My Beloved Grandfather
By Mendel Jacobson

I watch as the grainy face fades away
Like the paralyzed sun’s midnight ray
I peek in to a broken looking glass
Wondering if I’d see just one more day
But I guess that too will come too pass,

That which once was will never be again
The ink is weak and I haven’t another pen
Still I try to write in my blood and sweat
But it dries faster than a calculating yen
And I’m left with not even a tear that’s wet,

I gather the courage to look into the grave
He’s lying there as if he got more than he gave
Under a leafless branch a bagpipe sings
A trembling lip is trying to act very brave
And Finality has gone the way of all things,

I turn to leave and feel someone watching me
I look upward and don’t believe what I see
Through my blurry eyes and the shinning sun
I see heaven and him there running free
And I realize Finality has just begun.

Posted on December 6, 2006
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