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De pie p:
By Mendel Jacobson

We're going to drop the lyrical
And get a little biblical
Don't be so cynical
It'll be apolitical
And that's a miracle

They travel through the swirling sands and over the dunes
From the heavenly breadcrumbs and clouds of glor
Spoiled are they by things they do nothing to earn
And everything to ruin

                A beautiful relationship

They come to a land promised and are intimidated by fear
Of climbing out of their holy cribs of selfish self-refinement
And selfless self-indulgence into a world that demands toil
And labor, pain and suffering, hurt and tears, and a road
So twisted the destination seems to be a share cliff with jagged
Edges sharper than 

                A paper cut insult dipped in lemon juice

So of course they return to their leader dejected and brokenhearted:
The task is too giant, the fruit too large to enjoy and elevate;
The walls are too thick, the cities too strong to conquer and
Anyway let us stay here in our predictable comfort and under
The divine influence where the chance of failure is slim (but,
They dare not say, so is the chance of triumph) and we have
Everything we need to survive

                 If not take over

They thought things promised are things easy but really is anything
Easy worth a promise? They want the tree without the seed, they want the
Flowing milk and honey without the cultivation and dripping sweat,
They want this and they want that – the only thing they don't want
Is to leave their wont 

                Of wantonness

Two of them said the land is ours and that's it; we are going because
No body, no matter how giant, can withstand the soul, no wall, no
Matter how thick, could withstand a doorway, no fruit, no matter how
Large, could withstand the hands that pick it, nor the lips that bless it
And if He said it is our land then it is our land and it's as simple as\
Splitting the sea 

                Even if it gives us a splitting headache

I'm not sure why I've used "they" this entire time; this story happens
Everyday (and today more than any other everyday) and "they" is really
"We" – we who live today and aspire for a better tomorrow, we who walk
On two legs and beat with one heart, we who are created in His image
And try unveiling that in everything (it is and always has been an image

                And it's not imaginary

The transition from Desert to the Land is now. We send spies to scout
The "enemy" and because no new situation is simple and effortless
Most of the spies despise the Land – hey, they say, who needs it, we've
Got cholent and a kiddush with more scotch than a nerds glasses  – and
Besides if He really wanted us to do this or conquer that or influence them
He would've made it easier 

                I hate challenges

But, thank G-d for the other two, the two voices not of reason but of reality:
Reason would say: why reach for the stars when you might become star-struck?
Reality – and I do mean real reality – says: why reach for the stars when
You could reach mush further and deeper, into a place so pure another word
From my pen would defile it 

                But we have to try

And so I could only end with a blessing: may we do all we can to leave
The desert and enter the Holy Land, where things might be tough in the
Beginning but worth it in the end, where challenges are giant but so are
Outcomes, where fruits are huge 

                But only so that we never go hungry

Posted on June 8, 2007
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