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Is Torah Real?
A Legless Frog
By Aaron Moss

Question:   Do you still hold on to the belief that the Torah is divine? Literary experts and historians have compared the Bible to other writings of 3000 years ago (when the Torah was supposedly given by G-d) and said that its style doesn't fit in to the literature of that time frame, and so must have been written much later. How can you ignore a fact that has been scientifically proven?

Answer:   Did you hear about the recent study on frogs? Scientists took a random sample of over one hundred frogs and did the following test:   They placed each frog on a table, crept up behind it and shouted, "Jump!" The frog jumped.   Then they cut off one leg, and again shouted jump. It jumped, although not as far.   They then cut off a second leg and told it to jump, and then a third, each time observing that the frog responded, but jumped smaller distances.   Finally they cut off the fourth leg and again shouted "Jump!" They were amazed to find that in every case the result was the same. The frog did not move at all.   The conclusion: Frogs go deaf when you cut off their legs. It is scientifically proven.   We all come to the conclusions that we want to believe. When the experts find that the Torah is too advanced for its time, they conclude it must have been written later than claimed. When I study Torah, I conclude that it is still ahead of its time, because it was written by G-d for all times and all places. Even the parts that seem archaic and outdated, when explained on a deeper level, have powerful messages that I often feel are speaking directly to me. They are relevant and inspiring to me, right here, right now.   Many have tried to either prove or disprove the Torah's divinity. Neither attempt will be successful. G-d wants a real relationship with each of us, which means He wants us to freely choose to listen to Him. To maintain balance, there will always be seemingly valid arguments to discredit Him and His Torah. We can choose to buy those arguments, or see beyond them. Whether we open ourselves to the Torah's message or not is a choice that comes from within, rather than being forced by proof from without.   The Torah has a message for you. The choice is yours. You can be as unresponsive as a legless frog, or you can take a leap in response to your higher calling.

Posted on January 27, 2008
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