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Moral Media
By Dovid Efune

 A largely unnoticed story broke recently:

 Hamas swept the 11 seats in voting for the teachers' union at UN schools in the Gaza Strip. Elections were held March 25, the Jerusalem Post reported. Hamas has run the teachers' unions of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency schools for the past 16 years, controlling UN schools and other academic institutions in Gaza.

 It is no secret that the UN has all but lost its credibility, to the extent that it has quite aptly been referred to as a “political brothel,” but what is most disturbing is this: the Isaiah wall opposite the UN building declares this age old prophecy:   "...They shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore." - Isaiah 2:4

 How is it possible that an organization built on such lofty ideals of world unity and peace can allow the education of impressionable and inherently innocent children to be made the sole responsibility of murderous butchers? With 192 member states, what does this tell us about moral state of the world today?

 Clearly it seems there is a screaming lack of moral guidance, courage and leadership in today’s world, the convoluted moral perversion of the UN shows us how deeply intertwined the dichotomized lofty and corrupt ideals are, to the extent that on university campuses around the globe many young students have immense difficulty identifying what is right and what is wrong.

What to do?

 Standing at the dawn of an era identified by some as the “information age,” arguably one of, if not the greatest influences on today’s world is that of media outlets in all forms and all over the globe. There is no doubt that the subtle and sometimes blatant positive support and incubation of ethically dubious positions has in large part added fuel to the flames of this confusion.

 It is high time that those in the business of information dissemination rose to the occasion and recognized the duty that rests on their shoulders, instead of parroting  propaganda from state controlled foreign media outlets, how about some attention to documented crimes such as the abovementioned state of UN schools in Gaza, or the use of children as Human shields, front page stories should draw attention to global threats of fanatic totalitarianism calling for a swift and unified response, features should highlight the plight of those persecuted and suffering and editorials should condemn corrupt and perverse leaders that lead from behind.

In a recent New York Times article, David Swensen argues that newspapers should be financed by endowments as a service to the community, if this is to be, that responsibility had better not be taken lightly.

This Passover let us pray to be freed from the shackles of misdirection and moral relativism and that we as guardians of this world be granted the freedom of clarity, fortitude and courage.  


Dovid Efune

Managing Director GJCF

Please visit gjcf.com

Posted on April 8, 2009
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