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Israel’s 6 Million
By Dovid Efune

With the eyes of the world turned towards Iran and the widespread protests following recent elections, there is much optimistic hope for a monumental change of direction. It is nevertheless important that we attempt to view these happenings in the general wider context, specifically as they relate to Jews and Israel.
Iran is the country that has long been at the forefront of disseminating Islamo-fascist ideology, literature and vile rhetoric. Iran also actively sponsors International terrorism, funding and arming its terrorist proxies Hamas and Hezbollah and has trained many a terrorist in Iraq and further afield in its training camps.
Those who have followed the rise of Islamo-fascist political and revolutionary movements across the Islamic world will note the striking similarities in social ideology, political doctrine, propaganda and the exploitation of social inequality, to the Nazi model.
There is ample evidence to show that during the latter part of the Nazi regime, and following the collapse of the third Reich in 1945, elements of Nazi ideology found their way into the Middle East. Political historians have observed that initially anti-Semitism was at the root of this migration of ideas, but later, other aspects of the Nazi model were adopted.
The connections between the radical ‘political Islam’ movement and Hitler’s regime, now span eight decades, and most recently involve an ongoing dialogue between neo-Nazi organizations and ‘political Islam’ centered organizations.
One of the most famous pioneers of Islamo-fascist ideology the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini had close ties with the Nazi regime and was very active as a propagandist and recruiter of Balkan Muslims in to the Waffen SS Handschar and Kama Divisions.
(In fact the demand for Israel to cede the entire West Bank in final status agreements with Palestinians is compared by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in his book A Durable Peace to Hitler’s realized demand to annex the Czech Sudetenland.)
Although a number of similarities are indeed undeniable, for Jews in one respect this newer threat could actually be far more frightening for the following reason. In the era of Nazi Germany and her allies, the enemy had borders that were quite clearly defined geographically it was very clear who was bad and who was good, and where exactly they were. This is not the case with the Islamo- Fascist threat that is not defined by specific borders, and therefore is much harder to contain, monitor and ultimately neutralize. Islamo-Fascist franchises have festered to varying degrees in all corners of the globe and indeed there is hardly a country in the world today that has not experienced the stench of its terrorist carnage.
Ever since the destruction of the second temple and the subsequent dispersion into exile Jews have been scattered throughout the world. However in this post Holocaust era Jews are living to a larger extent in concentrated population centers, specifically in the land of Israel with a total of over 6 million Jews. It is precisely the concentrated Jewish population in Israel the makes the possibility of Iran’s nuclear arsenal and other existential threats to Israel and the Jewish people so horrifying.
The extent of this danger should be at the forefront of our minds. And whilst the protests in Iran may be a small step in the right direction they in no way signal the end of Islamo-fascist threats against Israel. There is no indication that the nuclear weapons program will be terminated and its inevitability remains.  It is therefore imperative that we don’t get completely distracted by the crowds and keep our eyes on the real goal namely to bring an end to Iran’s nuclear program and Islamo-Fascist aspirations. 
Dovid Efune can be contacted at defune@gjcf.com


Posted on June 26, 2009
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