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Sandra Bullock’s cheating Hitler-loving Husband shines a light on Pop Culture Anti-Semitism
By Daniel Vahab
Hollywood Hitler lover Jesse James.

Yes, we all make mistakes. Yes, we all say things we shouldn’t have said, things which we don’t really believe but just happen to have slipped-out. That doesn’t make us anti-Semitic. But it’s the build-up of the little things that spark real anti-Semitism and of which set a scary precedence of what is to be accepted.

Celebrities in the music industry, the film industry, and even a Royal Brit are culpable. Famous people are role models whether they like it or not. The masses watch them on a screen and read about them in the day’s dailies. Their faces are recognizable and their actions are recorded. They are hounded by paparazzi that eagerly wait for a chance to snap a revealing shot. Knowing that nothing is private and how influential they are, it is shocking how many are guilty of anti-Semitism.


Celebrities are especially guilty too because they exist in modern times. Modern is known to be more liberal, welcoming, tolerant, secular, enlightened, and rational. So for anti-Semitism to not only still exist but thrive in modern times says a lot.


The most recent incident of pop culture anti-Semitism came from actress Sandra Bullock’s former boo, tattooed reality television star Jesse James. US Weekly, who broke the news, published an old photo of James doing the “Heil, Hitler” salute while wearing an SS soldier’s hat and using two of his fingers to impersonate Hitler’s mustache.   


Claims by Michelle McGee over an 11-month alleged affair with James then seemed credible because of their shared infamous second love affair with Hitler and Nazi paraphernalia. TMZ got the exclusive scoop on McGee’s Nazi photo shoot. The photos show her posing with a Swastika armband and a SS soldier’s hat—strikingly similar to the SS hat that James was caught wearing. The TMZ article reported that she has a “W” and a “P” on her legs to mean “white power.”         


Not surprisingly, McGee’s official website blog states that in February of 2010 she attended a weekend long tattoo festival hosted by Kate Von D.


Kat Von D, the star of “Miami Ink” and then “LA Ink” was dubbed the “Next Mel Gibson?” in a TMZ article. After the punk-rocker tattoo artist was let go from the show that first put her on the spotlight, rumors circulated on whether she had signed a photograph of her with a Swastika and “flaming star of David on it” that said: “Burn in Hell Jewbag.”


It’s no coincidence that former Jewish boss, Ami James, was to be the recipient. TMZ reported that co-star tattoo artist Chris Garver “personally” received the alleged photo. According to sources, TLC, the show’s channel, refused to take action on the matter after James broke the news. Armed with an attorney, James then got TLC to hire a hand-writing expert to do a thorough examination. The determination: a “99 probability” that Kate was guilty. And while Kate herself denied the accusation and TLC issued a statement saying “insufficient evidence concluded” she was guilty, the results from the handwriting test were never specifically mentioned in statements. When asked how he felt about the matter, it was reported that James was more “offended” by the “indifference” on the part of TLC than the actual photo. Did she do it to be malicious or funny? Either way, not cool Kate.    


I find it hard to believe that Bullock wasn’t aware of James as being a racist. In her five year long relationship with him, could it be that she never encountered him this way, or that he never in any way eluded his true colors?


In condemning James, let us not make the mistake of isolating the offense to just Jews. This way support against James is extended to non-Jews—those who are only indirectly effected by the incendiary hate and therefore nonchalant about it.  Remember homosexuals, gypsies, intellectuals, the disabled, and others were part of Hitler and his Nazi Socialist Party’s "Master Plan" to keep alive only pure-blooded Aryan people, defining others as subhuman, inferior races. Arabs, if they had been living in Germany back then, would have suffered a similar fate of the Jews too. Nations that were conquered under Hitler, like Luxembourg, became forced Nazi soldiers and were put on the front lines to die first. They were given an ultimatum: either fight or die. Indeed, the whole of humanity was deeply offended by the mass murderer. 


What’s most peculiar perhaps about this incident is the mere fact that Bullock, who portrays this nice girl image, dated such trash. Ironically, in her latest Oscar nomination for the film, “The Blind Side,” her character fights prejudice, defending an African American from the many racists of her Southern town. Who knew she’d have been married to one—and for so long?    

Posted on April 26, 2010
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