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By Mendel Jacobson

“Blessed he that gave a tri-book, to a tri-nation,
Through the third one, on the third day of the week,
In the third month.” (1)
  A guide through tri-bulation (2).  

In the first month: barred in heavenly bliss.
In the second: toil the earth's darkness bleak.
Oh, but in the third: heaven and earth kiss.  

One knows just oneself: is One unified or lonely?
Two knows not another: does Two hide or seek?
Three is one and two: Three must be one and only.  

"Lofty lowered to lowly" -- are the lowly to blame?
"Lowly elevated to Lofty" -- was it a lofty eke?
Lofty and lowly need not travel to be the same.  

The mind journey's only as far as it thinks.
The heart beats only until it gets so weak.
But the essence never gets lost in inks.

There are those that say, "The Body is our G-d."
Others say, "It is the Soul of which the Prophets speak."
Both make a life; don't we need the tri-pod?  

Southpaws would have you believe right is wrong.
And Benyamins say, "Don't be left in the reek."
But isn't the straight path shorter than the long?  

Are you going to be tied-down in world's finality?
Are you going to run to heaven's endless creek?
Or are you going to unite the two and create reality?  

For one is one, and two is two -

Only three can unite me and you.  

* * *

Email the author: Jakeyology@gmail.com,
or check out his blog: Jakeyology.blogspot.com.

1) Talmud Shabbos, 88a; Rashi - "Tri-book": Torah, Neveim, Ksuvim. "Tri-nation": Kohanim, Leveim, Yisraeilim.  "Third one": Moses (Miriam, Aaron, and Moses). "Third month": Sivan (Nisson, Iyar, Sivan).
2) Inspired by Lekkutei Sichos, vol. 2, pp. 301.

Posted on May 31, 2006
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