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Rage Therapy

A man frequenting a bar at night would routinely throw glass cups at the bartender and at the people sitting around and drinking. Yet he always made sure to follow up his violence by pleading for forgiveness. “I suffer from uncontrollable rage and I am deeply ashamed of it; please forgive me for my embarrassing and unforgivable behavior,” he would say.
“I am so embarrassed; I hate myself for this… Please pardon me.”
Finally, the bartender issued an ultimatum. The man could not come back to the bar unless he underwent therapy for a full year. The man consented and no longer showed up at the bar.
After the year passed, the man showed up at the bar one evening. Lo and behold he took a glass and threw it right at the bartender.
“What’s going on?!” the bartender thundered.
“Well, as you have suggested, I went to therapy,” the man replied, “and now I am not embarrassed anymore.”

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By Zalman Kleiman
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