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Become a Partner In The Living Legacy of
Gershon Jacobson

One Year Honorary Subscription, Algemeiner Print Edition

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60 Days

A fascinating journey through the most powerful two months of Elul and Tishrei -- a 60-day journey toward finding hope, love, fulfillment and the realization of your deepest aspirations.

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Toward a Meaningful Life

Rabbi Simon Jacobson's best-selling book is a roadmap for living, presenting a fresh perspective on every aspect of life.The book addresses the most significant areas of our lives from the personal and the social, to the scientific and spiritual. Each of the thirty one chapters reveals how we can imbue different aspects of our lives with deeper purpose and meaning to develop a better understanding of ourselves and our relationship with G-d.

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A Spiritual Guide to Counting the Omer. The 49 days from Passover to Shavout have always been a period of spiritual elevation and self-fulfillment. The Counting of the Omer comes alive in all its mystical poetry in this accessible day-by-day guide. It will change your life and empower you to achieve a state of spiritual fulfillment and emotional refinement in 49 simple yet profound steps.

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New Releases
Rebuilding a Shattered World

Two Soul-Provoking Lectures by Rabbi YY Jacobson In Tribute to the Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson. These lectures, profoundly stimulating and inspiring, will grant you a deeper understanding of the drama and depth of the Jewish past, present and future.

Format: Double CD album. Size: DVD case

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Five Mystics

5 Part Series. Explore Jewish Kabbalistic mysticism through the lives and teachings of the most inspiring and influential figures of this ancient wisdom: R Shimeon Bar Yochai. R Isaac Luria. R Isaiah Horowitz. R Israel Baal Shem Tov. R Schneur Zalman of Liadi. Includes companion booklet with bio, historical facts, selected texts and more.

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The Lubavitch Phenomenon

This is a powerful and exciting dialogue with Rabbis Simon and Yosef Yitzchak Jacobson about the world of Chassidism -- in song, story, humor and philosophy

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Beyond Dogma

What Do Two Chassidic Rabbis Have to Say to a Modern World? It is a highly entertaining and engaging discussion about profound questions of our time: Religion, faith, relationships and suffering of the innocent. The dialogue includes stirring melodies. Not to be missed! This is a dialogue with Simon and Yosef Y. Jacobson and Rock-'n'-roll star Peter Himmelman.

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Captain My Captain

This album contains three lectures exploring the spirit of Judaism as presented in the teachings of one of the greatest Jewish thinkers and leaders of our generation, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson. These lectures, presented to live audiences around the world, capture the Rebbe's inspirational approach toward life and the questions of daily existance. The album contains three cassettes. Shipping not included.

Price: $18.00, Qty:
The Way of the Kabbalah: The Inner Journey

6 Part Series. An excellent introduction and overview of Jewish mysticism, presented in lucid language with personal application in life. I - Overview:The history and texts of Kabbalah. II - The Cosmic Order: 4 Worlds and 10 Spheres. III - Energies and Containers; Tohu and Tikkun; Rotzo and Shuv. IV - Energies and Containers; Tohu and Tikkun; Rotzo and Shuv. V - Light,Tzimzum, Makif and Pnimi; Good and Evil. VI - The 22 Hebrew Letters; G-ds Names

Price: $40.00, Qty:
Reincarnation & Afterlife

2 Part Series. Where does the soul reside before and after life on Earth? What type of existence does the soul have in the afterlife? Are we reincarnations of previous lives? Will we reincarnate in future lives? In what forms of life does reincarnation manifest itself? Could we have been animals or vegetables in a previous life? How does all this knowledge impact our lives today.

Price: $30.00, Qty:
Soul Seder

A powerful pre-Passover discussion that will guide you through the 15 psycho/ spiritual steps of the Seder. Learn how to travel step by step, applying each stage to our personal and spiritual lives.An unprecedented journey that will change the way that you experience the Passover Seder.

Price: $15.00, Qty:
A Tale of Two Souls

Albums One-Five. This lecture series, recordings of live classes presented in New York, are an in-depth study of the first thirty chapters of one of the classics of Kabbalah and Chassidism, the book of Tanya, authored by Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi. These profound lectures, coupled with many stories and anecdotes, apply the ideas of Jewish mysticism to our daily challenges and experiences, in a vibrant and exciting fashion. Each of the albums contains 16 cassettes. Shipping not included.

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